20th century sculpture

20th century self-taught and outsider art featuring works from the Robert M. Greenberg collection
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20th century settings
Williams, Gail ; Covert, Mary Ann ; Nelhybel, Vaclav ; Defaye, Jean-Michel ; Reynolds, Verne ; Musgrave, Thea ; Wilder, Alec ; Gwilt, David
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20th-century songs of Spain and Latin America
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20th century Soviet piano music
Petrushanskiĭ, Boris ; Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ Dmitrievich ; Mi︠a︡skovskiĭ, N ; Schnittke, Alfred ; Ustvolʹskai͡a, Galina Ivanovna
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The 20th-century Spanish-American novel: a bibliographic guide
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20th century Spanish songs
Angeles, Victoria de los ; Soriano, Gonzalo
2 s.

20th century spirituality
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20th century sports: images of greatness
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20th century still life: an intimate view
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20th century test for Civics
Benton Review Publishing Co., Inc.

20th century test for English-10th grade
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20th century test for English-9th grade
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20th century test for Plane Geometry
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20th century timeline of the culturally aware physician: tracing changes in the medical curriculum from 1935 to 1981
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20th century touch typewriting
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20th Century tuba concerti. (?)
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20th century type: remix
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20th-Century type
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The 20th-century violin concerto
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20th century voices in America
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20th century warriors: Native American participation in the United States military
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20th century with Mike Wallace: death of the Shah and the hostage crisis
Wallace, Mike
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20th century works for cello & strings
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[England]. Nimbus Records. p2007. 1 sound disc.

20th century works for the accordion
Farmer, David ; Gubaidulina, Sofia ; Zolotaryov, Vladislav ; Jokinen, Erkki ; Gubaidulina, Sofia
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20th [i.e. Twentieth] century works of art: [exhibition] : from the permanent collection of the University of Illinois, Urbana, Sunday, September 29, through Sunday, October 27, 1957, Galleries, Architecture Building, College of Fine and Applied Arts
Urbana. University of Illinois Press. 1957. [19] p., [41] p. of plates.

20th century works of art

The 20th century year by year: includes all the major stories from the first to the last days of the century
Phillips, Charles
London. Marshall. 2000. 360 p.
ISBN 1840283394

20th century Yiddish humor
New York. Banner Records. [1970?]. 1 sound disc.

The 20th Congress (C.P.S.U.) and world Trotskyism: a documented analysis
Cannon, James Patrick ; Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich
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The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union: an appraisal
London. 1956. 24 p.

20 Thesen zum Christsein
Küng, Hans
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Battrick, B ; Rolfe, Erica ; Reinhard, R
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20th ESLAB Symposium on the exploration of Halley's Comet: Heidelberg, W. Germany, 27-31 October 1986 : abstracts
Battrick, B ; Rolfe, Erica
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20th international conference on spectral line shapes: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, 6-11 June 2010
Lewis, John K. C ; Predoi-Cross, Adriana
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ISBN 9780735408456

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20th March 1977: a day like any other day
Abbas, Khwaja Ahmad
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20th May, the day of national re-awakening
[Djakarta] Republic of Indonesia. Ministry of Information. [1958?]. 12 p.

20th meridian: a novel
Travers, Robert John
New York. Norton. [1951]. 288 p.

20th National Congress Report: youth mobilisation for the consolidation of people's power
[Johannesburg. The Congress. [1998]. 36 p.

20th Nordic Semiconductor Meeting: Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, August 25-27, 2003
Pessa, M ; Rantala, T
Stockholm. Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. c2004. 1 computer optical disc.

20th, people's century
Hodgson, Godfrey
London. BBC Books. 1995-1996. 2 v.
ISBN 0563370246

20th reunion album: Class of 1901
1 v.

20th Symposium proceedings: August 19-26, 1998, Istanbul, Turkey : traditional dance and its historical sources; creative processes in dance : improvision and composition
Loutzakē, Rena ; Shutarbanova, Anna ; Öztürkmen, Arzu
İstanbul, Turkey. Boğaziçi University Folklore Club. 2000. xi, 344 p.

20th this month the state lottery will begin and end drawing
[England. s.n. 1809]. 1 broadside.

20 Tiere und 1 Mensch
Grzimek, Bernhard
München. Kindler. c1956. 206 p., [16] leaves of plates.

20 times a lady: a novel
Bosnak, Karyn
New York. Harper. c2006. x, 352 p.
ISBN 9780060828356

20 times in the same place: an anthology of Santa Barbara poetry
Mallory, Lee
[Carpinteria, Calif.]. Painted Cave Books. 1973. 1 v. (unpaged).

20. Triosonate in Es-Dur für zwei Flöten (Flöte und Violine) und Basso continuo =: 20. Sonata a tre in E flat major for two flutes (flute and violin) and basso continuo, QV 2:17, [QV 2: Anh. 10]
Quantz, Johann Joachim ; Augsbach, Horst ; Kostujak, Wolfgang
Winterthur. Amadeus. 2007. 1 score (12 p.) + 3 parts.

20 truyện ngắn đặc sắc
Trần, Duy
[Hà Nội]. Nhà xuất bản Thanh niên. 2007. 311 p.

20 truyện ngắn đặc sắc phương Nam
Nguyễn, Thái Anh
Hà Nội. Nhà xuất bản Thanh niên. 2008. 246 p.

20 truyện ngắn đặc sắc Sài Gòn
Quốc Văn
Hà Nội. Nhà xuất bản Thanh niên. 2008. 239 p.

20 truyện ngắn hay
Trương, Đức Hùng
[Hà Nội]. Nhà xuất bản Hà Nội. 1993. 284 p.

20 truyện ngắn tâm đắc nhất của 20 cây bút trẻ
Nguyễn, Thanh Bình
[Hà Nội]. Nhà xuất bản Thanh niên. 2003. 397 p.

20 études brillantes et caractéristiques: pour violon, op. 73
Dancla, Charles ; Kolisch, Rudolf
Leipzig. C.F. Peters. [188-?]. 45 p. of music.

20 études choisies
Gallay, Jacques François ; Leloir, Edmond
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Stravinsky, Soulima ; Gilgore, Elisha
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Fraenkel, Jeffrey
San Francisco, Calif. Fraenkel Gallery. c1999. [23] p., [68] leaves of plates.
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